John Inverdale
December 1986 and I was hired to look after the Breakfast programme on BBC Radio Lincolnshire for a couple of weeks. John Inverdale was the regular presenter but had taken the opportunity to spend a few weeks with BBC Sport in London. He liked the job so much that he decided to stay and the rest as they say is history. I continued to work on the Breakfast Show for four and a half years. Before he left completely, John was supposed to take me on a tour of my “New Patch”. It started one morning with an interview at Gainsborough ambulance station and was cut short after he decided to show me the joys of the Brandy Wharf Cider Centre. We never got any further than that1
Chris Morris
A Radio Times article from November 1986. Pictured with me was a very witty, intelligent and competent young BBC employee called Chris Morris. Together we sailed a Cambridgeshire punt down the River Cam for Children in Need. We raised a lot of money and had a great deal of fun along the way. At the time I was working with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenting the morning programme just a couple of weeks before being called to BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Chris has gone on to become a very high profile and at times controversial producer/presenter of TV programmes. Me - I’m happy doing what I do.