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November 2020

So first the house.
We have cleaned up the site, had a patio laid, top soil put down and the lawn area seeded.
A few weeks on and from a distance the lawn looks great but as expected it's still a bit patchy. Still, it's down and all ready to really get going in the Spring.

The house sale is now going through but two months after we accepted the offer, there's still no final signature. You won't be surprised to hear it's been held up because of Covid. Who isn't using that excuse at the moment?

We love our new bungalow, but we'll love it more when the money from the other one is in the bank.

Golf started again and my game has been reasonable but today it has stopped again because of the lockdown. Why a couple of people on a golf course is an issue when you can meet people in the street I'm not sure.

With no programmes to present at the BBC, I have been putting one together for my own amusement and it is perhaps something my family would be interested in. The music is all from 1970 but the memories cover nearly 40 years, It a programme that links what I did in 1970 with events that were to follow. I'm sure some of my family will hear things they didn't know!

Stay safe